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Episode 8, Season 1. “Father's Day”

 My yet again reviewing and commenting on the Doctor Who Series as I go along. This is for my Sister or anyone with too much spare time and a love of Doctor Who.

   This thing has spoilers and if you have the patience to watch it with the show and, I don't know, put it in Morgan Freeman's voice or something, feel free as this is a literal minute by minute commentary of my impression of this episode. 

  There are also flying Dragon Vaginas mentioned. 

There's a dragon-gina in that poster. The thing right over his head. It was alarming.

Minute 1: Immediately depressing.

Minute1.5: Rose's Mum is semi scary looking.

“Be careful what you wish for” Says nine. Because he's smarm if smarm were a person who wasn't William Shatner.

Minute 2: Seriously, continuing with the depressing. Dear five year old daughter: He was dead when the ambulance got there. I think her Mom needs to rethink parenting methods.

3: The scariest thing in Doctor Who so far...the EIGHTIES.

4: They're holding hands again.

5: I really need to create a paradox says Rose.
I like how her Dad was oblivious to creepy people staring at him.

6: Rose's face is like 70% mouth.

7: Dear Rose. Mr. Smarm isn't pleased with you. Because paradox.

8: Seriously. Smarm face.
Hey. Stupid ape. Be polite!

“It's not like I changed history” YES, yes you totally did.

9: “For once you're not the most important man in my life.” DAWWWW

Christoper Eccleston is almost entirely smarm and ears. It's like he's trying a companion to balance his face out.

10: Not a couple. My ass.

11: “I'll take you back to the loony bin where you belong” I feel like people say this around nine. Often.
AHH COLD SPOT. Call the Winchesters.
This Supernatural joke brought to you by me.


13: This is delightfully creepy.

14 “Watson, come here, I need you.” IS THAT A SHERLOCK JOKE?

15: You could literally kill someone with a 1987 cell phone.
Annnd, the universe is trying to kill him now.
Baby Rose suspects everyone is insane.

16: Weeee, that went poorly

17: I'm pretty sure these people are being eaten by Nazgul. (LotR rimshot!)

18: Only English people would be like “What sort of monsters”

Woah, it has a stomach toothed vagina.

19: Dragon Nazgul!

20: “Do as I say” He's vaguely creepy.
Okay, so not Sherlock. First phone call ever.

21: I would have preferred a Sherlock joke, but in the meantime I get vagina dragons.

22: ANNND now I'm crying.

23: Still crying. Nine's snarking and I'm crying.

24:*stupid crying*

25: NO. More. Crying. Ahhh, so cute. With her Dad.

26: “He's a bit old for you.” BUHAHAHAHAHA Dude, you have zero idea. This Doctor/Rose thing makes Edward Cullen and Bella Swan look the exact same age.

27: Omg is that little boy Mickey. So KEWT.
Also, Nine is baby sitting. MY OVARIES. MY DAMN OVARIES.
“Since you asked, no.”

Nine and Rose are either in love , I just think they're in love. So much for my Doctor Sexless idea.

28: “Tell me you're sorry” Nine is a total Dom.


Did he just pep talk a room full of people? About a time machine. In the 80s? And everyone is like “oh, okay then.” English people are weird.

30: Stop bonding with your father, Rose or I'm going to CRY AGAIN.

“Am I a good dad?” OMG going to CRY, aren't I?

31: At least her dad admits he's likely a shit head.

“This floating key will totally fix everything.” <---nine and="" is="" optimism.="" p="" smarm="">

32: TARDIS. No one is screaming. ENGLISH PEOPLE, it's okay to panic. You don't always have to Keep Calm and all that.

33: AHHHHH. THE DRAG-GINA is going to eat them.

Woah, it totally did. That was unexpected.


35: Her dad appears to have slight amounts of smart.

36: See. SHE LURVES him. Nine I mean. Also her Dad.

“He's not in charge anymore” is a very English statement. The American in me is like “FUCK THAT, He's NOT IN CHARGE BECAUSE HE WAS EATEN. BY A DRAGON. WHO I AM PRETTY SURE SUCKED HIM UP A HOO HOO.”

37: Stop making me cry, ENGLISH PERSON. I suspect Moffat is behind this.

38: No it was some dork named Cornell. RUN, Rose's DAD, RUN FROM THE VAGINADRAGON.

39: Ow. That sounded painful. Also, damn it, Cornell.

40: Nine: “I AM FREE of the dragongina, go on and sit with your dying Dad.”

Ded. does this work? Can everyone remember this. Rose's memories are clearly different.

Is this a new alternate reality?

Paradox again?


41: Awww. Hand holding. Again. LURVES.

Okay, this has been my commentary. I hope it brightened your day, o' sister of mine. It twas a fun episode.


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